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Addiction & Trauma Recovery for Women, By Women

The only way to truly break free from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders is to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Grace & Emerge Recovery is a community of support where young women can do all three. Our individualized continuum of care contains gradual step-downs designed to treat the trauma behind each client’s unique struggles in a manner that promotes long-term, sustainable wellness. We treat the whole girl — medically, therapeutically, spiritually, and familially — drawing them into the Grace & Emerge community and pulling them closer when there is fear or insecurity.

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Our Story

Grace & Emerge Recovery represents the evolution of our original program, Grace Recovery TX, which was founded upon a bedrock of hope and passion in 2017. Since then, the personal and professional experiences of our founders have guided them in crafting the holistic, individualized program that Grace & Emerge is today.

A Texas program through and through, Grace & Emerge Recovery actually has its roots in the Southside of Chicago, where Partner Leah Malone grew up with her two sisters, and another individual that she considers her brother (although not by blood). Sadly, their experience was no different from the typical Southside Chicago family, in that it was deeply marked by trauma and addiction. 

Leah's brother fell victim to a tragic fatal overdose while in an aftercare program in 2013. In 2015, one of Leah’s sisters also entered aftercare as well. Fearful that her sister would meet her brother’s fate, Leah embarked on a mission to elevate the standards of aftercare for all women in Austin. What began as a deeply personal quest to save one young girl became a mission to help young women nationwide.  Along the way, Leah faced her own challenges with addiction and unresolved trauma, gaining a profound first-hand understanding of the journey to healing — one that demands significant effort, but was essential in order to live the beautiful life she cherishes today.

This is a journey that Partner Laurel Tracy knows all too well. A college soccer star, Laurel was sidelined by an injury that quickly spiraled into addiction. In 2012, she began her own path to recovery, ultimately dedicating her life to breaking the stigma and raising the standards of women’s behavioral health treatment. In 2019, Leah and Laurel united to design a program that would provide all the essential elements for women on the path to recovery from mental health challenges, trauma, and addiction. That program became Grace & Emerge Recovery.

Honesty, empowerment, resilience, and service are the cornerstones upon which this program is founded. Today, Leah and Laurel continue to devote their unwavering dedication to ensuring that the women of Grace and Emerge Recovery receive precisely what they need to address their unique struggles — and aspirations.  We are proud to have built a powerhouse team led by dynamic women — one that fosters authentic connections and demonstrates genuine care in every interaction. 

It is acknowledged that each person, from the staff to the participants' families, plays a vital part in healing the suffering. Leah and Laurel stand alongside every woman, aiding them in constructing a life they aspire to and one they aim to carry forward as they progress towards independent living. The work at Grace & Emerge Recovery TX is driven by experience and deep passion, with an unyielding commitment to never abandon a woman in their journey.


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Who Needs Addiction & Trauma Treatment?

The typical Grace & Emerge client is a young woman who needs support to engage in the path to healthy independence. Whether it be mental health challenges, behavioral issues, or substance abuse that is keeping her from her best potential — or a mix of all three — each Grace & Emerge woman is truly unique in her needs, her goals, and her gifts. Our team is ready to meet each client where she is at, with what she needs. Most importantly, we recognize that this will evolve over time, and our program is built with flexibility to adapt moment-to-moment. We are not a black-and-white program that discharges women over their mistakes; in fact, we pride ourselves on working with every individual through all of their struggles. It’s what we promise to each client — and the very reason we exist.




All Are Welcome: LGBTQIA+ Addiction Treatment

Recovery from substance use disorder and mental health challenges is possible for everyone — and everyone deserves it. Grace & Emerge Recovery is proud to have built a supportive, welcoming community of compassion, acceptance, and connection for all young people. We are affirming allies of the LGBTQIA+ community and are proud to offer treatment for all: cisgender, transgender, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, gender fluid and more. If you are wondering whether you or a loved one would fit in at Grace & Emerge, contact our team. We’ll meet you where you are and provide guidance on the best steps forward.

The Four Tenets of Grace & Emerge Recovery

To heal the whole woman, successful recovery treatment must contain four vital components: medical, therapeutic, spiritual, and family. We have built our program on these four tenets to produce one of the most comprehensive outpatient step-down programs nationwide.



Psychiatry, psychiatric testing (if appropriate), medication management, & women’s health



Group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, & therapeutic milieu



Process groups, 12-step groups, support groups, organized service work



Family therapy (if appropriate), family support group, & bi-weekly updates from Clinical Case Manager & Clinical Director

Program Breakdown

Our 6+-month step-down program operates through three phases: Restore, Refine & Reclaim. Each phase is intentionally titled and designed for women in different stages of their healing journey.



Clients entering our program always enter our care at the Restore phase for their first 45-60 days. Here, women embark on their outpatient healing journey together, focusing on stabilization, support, and healing.



After meeting quantifiable markers across the four tenets, clients progress to the Refine phase for their next 60-75 days. In this phase, clients step down to a lighter therapeutic schedule, acquire work, school, or service commitments, and earn increased privileges. This is the time for them to enrich and refine their vision for a life of sustained recovery.



Once clients have met set metrics across our four tenets, they progress to our final phase – Reclaim – for their last 90 days with us. During this phase, clients focus on integrating the skills they have acquired so far, reclaiming their lives as women in recovery.

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What Comes Next

Psychiatric and psychological services step down in the Reclaim phase, and experiential coaching and case management become a la carte. During the final weeks of the program, we work to ensure stability through this transition. Every client (and family) is referred to a coaching, case management, or consulting firm to help them continue on to the next phase of their recovery journey. 

Learn more about addiction treatment and mental health care at Grace & Emerge below.


Find Your Path to Recovery

At Grace & Emerge Recovery, we believe that the journey to recovery begins with a single step. For some, it might be as easy as clicking a button. Contact our team today to get started.