Outpatient Program

For Women in Austin

As the women of Grace & Emerge begin to blossom, they step down on our continuum of care to Reclaim — a phase of treatment with lighter programming and more opportunities to practice the tools of recovery.

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The Reclaim Phase Includes:

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    Individual psychiatric (monthly) and psychological services (weekly)
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    Therapeutic living community (housing provided)
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    Community engagement opportunities (service work, in-house 12-step meetings)
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    Gym and library membership
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    Family program (family therapy when clinically appropriate, weekly clinical family support group)
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    Bi-weekly updates from our Clinical Case Manager and Clinical Director as needed

It also includes one day per week of therapeutic treatment in our Outpatient Program for women.


What is an Outpatient Program for Women?

A standard outpatient program (OP) is similar to an intensive outpatient program (IOP), with the main difference being the time commitment. Outpatient programs for women do not require as many days or hours of participation in comparison with an IOP. Clients are still committed to working on themselves through therapy and process groups, helping them develop coping skills and strategies to support long-term healing. At the same time, however, they can enjoy increased flexibility to build a better life in practice. 

With that in mind, clients beginning an outpatient program for trauma, mental health, or addiction should be prepared to take on more responsibility and commitment regarding their recovery. The goal of an outpatient program is ultimately to help the client learn to live gradually with less clinical support to manage and maintain their new way of life. Essentially, it’s helpful to think of our outpatient program for women in Austin as a stepping stone to living a life built on self-awareness and a commitment to growth.

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How Can an Outpatient Program for Trauma, Mental Health or Addiction Help Me?

An outpatient program for trauma, mental health, or addiction can help guide you on your journey toward long-term recovery — and make a lasting difference in your life. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when trying to manage mental health challenges or substance use on top of responsibilities such as work, school, and family. These obligations, though vital, should not prevent you from getting the support you deserve. Participating in an outpatient program for women can allow you to take care of yourself while still attending to your commitments outside of treatment. 

When you engage in the outpatient curriculum, you have the ability to:

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    Maintain your responsibilities

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    Experience the comfort and familiarity of a healthy routine
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    Turn new behaviors and patterns into lifelong recovery 

What to Expect From an Outpatient Program for Women

Grace & Emerge Recovery’s outpatient programming is based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Our unique approach to ACT focuses on aiding clients in reconnecting to their body, mind, and spirit to form new habits in recovery. Outpatient clients participate in individual therapy, process groups, and therapeutic groups — once per week for around two to three hours at a time. 

During individual therapy sessions, clients meet with a Master’s-level clinician that they are matched with according to their unique needs and goals. In order to provide the best continuity of care for our clients, we also offer clients the option to continue receiving support from these clinicians after the completion of our program.

Goals of Outpatient Programming

The outpatient programming of the Reclaim phase lasts four months or more. During this period, clients will work closely with a clinician and support team to learn new lessons and put them into practice. This newly attained psychological flexibility supports clients in learning to:

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    Recognize and adapt to different situations
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    Shift mindset and behavior
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    Reject coping strategies that support unhealthy behaviors
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    Balance important domains in life while facing stressors, triggers, and more
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    Be self-aware and open to change
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    Commit to creating behavior patterns that support specific values

Giving clients several months to learn and apply new skills and coping strategies with support leads to better long-term recovery outcomes. Of course, an individual’s commitment to applying their learnings to their new life plays a large role in the recovery process. Ultimately, the goal is to help clients learn how to live a healthier, autonomous life without clinical support — however long that takes.

Therapeutic Services at Grace & Emerge Recovery

Grace & Emerge Recovery is so much more than just outpatient programming. Our unique step-down women's treatment program offers holistic healing for trauma, mental health, and addiction recovery in a community of unparalleled support. Through the three phases of our curriculum, clients may engage in a variety of therapeutic services, including:


Individual therapy


Group therapy


Process groups


Family therapy


12-Step facilitation therapy


Trauma Treatment


Trauma-informed yoga


Drug and alcohol monitoring


Service opportunities


Educational groups




Alumni and recovery support resources

Learn more about the services we offer women in Austin. 

Addiction Treatment Services

Our work at Grace & Emerge Recovery is designed to support women in real time on their journey to lifelong recovery. The trauma recovery component of substance use disorder (SUD) is a significant factor in building the necessary skills and thought patterns to move forward in recovery. Our women-only treatment programs allow us to cater to the specific — but often neglected — needs of women. 

We can support and guide you as you discover and learn to accept who you have been and commit to who you can be, always meeting you where you are in the recovery process. We know that each individual’s struggles with substance use disorder are intricate and complex. Therefore, we are committed to providing a wide range of SUD treatment services for every woman who joins us on this journey.

Our addiction treatment services include:

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    Alcohol addiction treatment
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    Benzodiazepine addiction treatment
  3. 24-GEM-0033-Website
    Cocaine addiction treatment
  4. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Heroin addiction treatment

  5. 24-GEM-0033-Website
    Marijuana addiction treatment
  6. 24-GEM-0033-Website
    Methamphetamine addiction treatment
  7. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Opioid addiction treatment

  8. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    And more

Learn more about our substance abuse treatment services.

Mental Health Treatment for Women

It’s incredibly rare that a woman struggling with substance use disorder does not have some underlying trauma or mental health challenges. In fact, we’ve never seen it. That is why Grace & Emerge Recovery offers robust trauma and mental health treatment services that allow the women in our care to heal from the inside out.

The Masters-level clinicians at Grace & Emerge are experienced in treating a variety of mental health disorders, including:


Bipolar Disorder


Disordered Eating

Mood Disorders


Panic Disorder



Social Anxiety Disorder


And More

Learn more about our mental health treatment for women.


Find Your Way Forward

Practicing life skills and healthy coping strategies is an important part of learning to apply new thought patterns and behaviors to your life in long-term recovery. At Grace & Emerge Recovery in Austin, our community of women can provide the space, safety, and support that every woman needs in order to do that. If you need help moving forward — or know someone who does — reach out. Our team is full of living examples of the power of recovery, and we’d be glad to show you the way.