Young Women's Addiction Treatment

Our Dual-Diagnosis Approach to Treating Trauma, Mental Health, & Substance Use Disorder

Sometimes, trying to stop the pain only causes more problems. When young women struggling with trauma or mental-health disorders turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, a vicious cycle of addiction and mental health challenges can begin. Yet, it’s possible for anyone to experience true recovery, freedom, and healing at Grace & Emerge Recovery. Our dual-diagnosis approach to addiction and trauma helps young women find lifelong solace — and a way to live without self-medicating.

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Who Needs Addiction Treatment?

How do you know when substance use crosses the line into substance use disorder, or addiction? Changes in behavioral patterns of any kind can be indicative of a deeper problem, and you don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to qualify for addiction treatment. Young women using drugs or alcohol deserve the help they need to learn how to live free from substances. Often, that means healing the underlying trauma and mental disorders fueling the substance use in the first place. In short, anyone who uses drugs or alcohol at all could be a fit for addiction treatment, depending on their unique situation. Reach out to our team to share your story and learn how we can help.


What is Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment?

More than half of young adults ages 18 to 25 who have substance use disorder also meet diagnostic criteria for another mental disorder. Dual-diagnosis addiction treatment approaches substance use disorder from this perspective: Healing the symptoms of addiction requires comprehensive treatment of any co-occurring and underlying factors. 

At Grace & Emerge, we know that deep, holistic healing is necessary in order to experience true solace in recovery. Our all-female leadership team and Masters-level, dually-licensed clinicians have built our community and our program with intentionality and awareness of the importance of a dual-diagnosis approach. Explore our mental health treatment for women at the link.

What is the Role of Trauma?

Trauma is a reality of modern life, but women experience some types of trauma at higher rates than men. For example, one study indicates that more than 80% of all childhood sexual assault victims are female. Overall, more than 60% of children surveyed in another federal study reported having undergone some kind of traumatic experience before the age of 16. This includes “big T” trauma like war or assault, but “small t” trauma like losing a loved one or pet, financial insecurity, gender identity issues, or experiencing racial prejudice can all overwhelm a young woman’s ability to function and lead to the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Grace & Emerge Recovery understands what the young women in our care may have endured — and that they may not even be ready to speak of it when they arrive. Our entire community works to anticipate and accommodate the needs of young women who have experienced trauma.

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Addiction Treatment Modalities

Our addiction treatment plans for young women are custom-built to address the complex needs of our community. Evidence-based modalities for healing addiction and mental health issues include:

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    Addiction Psychology

  2. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Adventure Therapy

  3. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Benzodiazepine Addiction 

  4. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Animal Assisted Therapy

  5. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Art Therapy

  6. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Behavioral Therapy

  7. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

  8. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

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    Experiential Therapy

  12. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Gestalt Therapy

  13. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Group Therapy

  14. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Individual Counseling

  15. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Life Skills Training

  16. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Motivational Interviewing

  17. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Narrative Therapy

  18. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Occupational Therapy

  19. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    PTSD Therapy

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    REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy)

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    Recovery Management

  22. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Relapse Prevention Education

  23. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Individual Counseling

  24. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Trauma Therapy

  25. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Wilderness Therapy

  26. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    And More

Therapeutic Processes

Addiction treatment modalities like those above are supplemented by ongoing therapeutic processes of healing. Structured sessions promoting deeper work can include:


12-Step Groups & Recovery Fellowships


Family Therapy


Group Therapy


Individual Therapy


Process Groups for Grief & Loss


Service Work

Educational Groups & Workshops

Psychoeducational sessions provide young women the tools they need to live independently in recovery. Each week, our community suggests the introduction of particular topics that are relevant to them at any given time, and the clinical team adapts accordingly. Topics might include:

Boundary Setting

Communication Skills

Family Systems Work

Goal Setting

Nutritional Education

Relapse Prevention Skills

Social Skills Development

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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Healing the mind, body, and spirit from the impact of trauma, mental disorders, and addiction is complex and multifaceted. Our holistic addiction treatment helps young women heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually from the inside out. Types of holistic therapy on offer include:

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    Fitness Therapy

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    Nutritional Therapy 

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Family Therapy

Addiction ravages families, and finding true solace means putting the family back together — in a new way that leaves room for recovery. Learn more about our family therapy below.


Find Your People, Find Yourself

Our therapeutic community offers endless opportunities for healing — even where clients may not expect it. Structured programming combined with compassionate clinical care and an unparalleled support community all help give our clients a new experience of life and new hope for the future.

12 Step Recovery

At its core, Grace & Emerge Recovery is based upon deep clinical work, community, and healing experiences. We are not a 12 Step program but do offer opportunities for clients to explore 12 Step fellowships as appropriate. Learn more about our local fellowships at the link.

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Addictions We Treat

Our Masters-level clinicians are equipped to treat a variety of substance use disorders, including addictions to:

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  2. 24-GEM-0033-Website


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  4. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Crystal Meth

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  8. 24-GEM-0033-Website
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    Other Prescription Pills

  11. 24-GEM-0033-Website
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    And More

Could addiction treatment be right for you or a loved one? Reach out to our team. If you’re willing to share your story — at least in part — we can help you find a solution.

Mental Health Treatment

Grace & Emerge Recovery offers comprehensive dual-diagnosis addiction treatment, which means that mental health care is a vital aspect of our programming. We welcome women with a wide spectrum of mental health disorders into our community, including those with:


Bipolar Disorder


Disordered Eating

Mood Disorders


Panic Disorder



Social Anxiety Disorder


And More


Find Your Peace

If you have been searching for healing, recovery, and a new way of life, you can find it here. Reach out to our team. We can’t wait to meet you.