Recovery-Supportive Housing Community

Grace House 1A in Austin

Women recovering from trauma, mental health challenges, and addiction may feel like they’ve never been truly “at home” anywhere in their lives. As we work with them to heal and build new lives in recovery, we provide comfortable recovery-supportive housing for women (also known as sober living) in Austin, Texas. Grace House 1A is one of our properties.

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Welcome Home

Every element of Grace & Emerge Recovery was built with intention to make the women in our community feel seen, known, and supported on their unique journey to recovery. More than any other home in our program, Grace House 1A offers an intimate community where even the most fearful, distrusting, and emotionally scarred women find their people, find their purpose, and find themselves.

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Features of Grace House 1A Include

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    Houses four women at a time

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    Staff on site

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    One to two house managers

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    Access to the full extent of Grace & Emerge Recovery offerings

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Find Your People. Find Your Purpose. Find Yourself.

No matter how lost a woman feels, she can find her way at Grace & Emerge Recovery in Austin, TX. Whether just starting a recovery journey or transitioning from a residential treatment program, every woman can find the resources she needs to thrive in our community. All it takes is one click or call to get started.