Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

For Women in Austin, TX

Women stepping down from residential addiction treatment, PHP for trauma, or other recovery programs can find continued healing and support in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) for women in Austin. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to treat clients with trauma, substance use disorder (SUD), primary mental health diagnoses, and/or co-occurring mental health conditions. Unlike inpatient and residential treatment programs, clients enrolled in IOP can live off-site in recovery-supportive housing. Clients can still work, attend school, and reconnect with their families while in treatment. Moreover, an IOP allows clients to take the skills they learn in residential treatment programs and put them into practice in their lives. 

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What are the Benefits of a Women's-Only IOP?

Grace & Emerge was founded because women have needs that standard treatment programs have historically been unable to meet. Most addiction treatment facilities and trauma care centers focus on the needs of men in both traditional and co-ed programs. These traditional treatment programs often don’t account for the unique experiences of women with mental health disorders or substance use disorders who are working toward recovery. In comparison with their male counterparts, women are typically more likely to internalize emotions like fear and anger. Women are also more likely to blame themselves for the trauma they experience — and subsequently, the unhealthy coping mechanisms that can become a part of their daily life. 

At Grace & Emerge Recovery, it’s not about what you did or what labels you’ve been given. We’ll work together to find the real woman underneath and give her what she needs to live her best life.

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Treatment by Women, for Women

Traditionally speaking, women are expected to show up as supportive partners, employees, daughters, and/or mothers, often leaving little space for their own needs. The women-only IOP at Grace & Emerge is primarily a mental health IOP with a focus on trauma and substance use disorder (SUD). Our IOP was created by women for women to address the specific needs of females navigating the world through their many interconnected roles, and the sometimes outdated expectations that accompany them. Our all-female leadership team is committed to providing an experience that is not available anywhere else.

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What is an IOP for Trauma?

Traditionally, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) have existed to treat addiction. However, we’re doing things differently. Our trauma-focused IOP was created to address the vital importance of healing women’s trauma as they work toward long-term recovery. According to an article in the Journal of Drug Addiction, Education, and Eradication, for example trauma treatment is an integral part of long-term recovery for women with mental health and substance use disorders (SUD). Despite this awareness, though, women remain at higher risk of developing trauma-related mental health conditions and addiction due to the lack of adequate support options for women currently in existence. Furthermore, the few programs that exist for women rarely address co-occurring conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while even fewer address the unique needs of women specifically. Grace & Emerge aims to do that for each woman in our community — and more.

To learn more about our approach to trauma recovery, visit our Trauma Treatment page.

What to Expect from IOP

Whether you’ve never been to treatment or have been to so many programs you’ve lost count, the intensive outpatient program (IOP) for women at Grace & Emerge will be a new — and hopefully transformational — experience.

Fundamentally, our all-female leadership team knows that there are outdated belief systems and expectations built around being a woman, which sometimes encourage women to ignore their own needs. At Grace & Emerge, we believe in empowering women to discover and learn that it is okay to not be okay. That means that treatment looks different for each woman. However, every woman in our care proceeds through the three phases — Restore, Refine, and Reclaim — while focusing on the Four Tenets: medical, therapeutic, spiritual, and family recovery.

Through our structured trauma care IOP, clients can process their trauma, mental health, and substance use disorder (SUD) symptoms as they work toward building a life in recovery. 

Through various women's treatment modalities, we encourage clients to engage in mindfulness by acknowledging and accepting negative thoughts. Being able to process negative thoughts and emotions ultimately leads to the development of healthier thought patterns and behaviors — skills that will carry them well beyond their time at Grace & Emerge. Modalities may include:

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    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  2. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Individual therapy

  3. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Group therapy

  4. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Process groups

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    Art therapy

  7. 24-GEM-0033-Website
    Family therapy
  8. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Experiential groups

  9. 24-GEM-0033-Website
    Educational groups
  10. 24-GEM-0033-Website

    Trauma-Informed yoga

  11. 24-GEM-0033-Website
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    Polyvagal theory
  13. 24-GEM-0033-Website
    Alumni and recovery support
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    And More

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IOP for Women: Fast Facts


Women-only program


Lasts for a minimum of eight weeks


Clinicians available for continued care after IOP in private practice


Each client assigned to an individual Master’s-level clinician


Programs separated into Mental Health Primary and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Tracks

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How Can IOP Help Me?

We have seen firsthand the importance of addressing trauma when it comes to treating co-occurring and substance use disorders. In fact, many of us have experienced it personally. Grace & Emerge Recovery was born out of a need for more women-centered, trauma treatment. Our outpatient services in Austin focus on a holistic healing of mind, body, and spirit for each woman — so that recovery can last.


Healing Happens Here

Coming face-to-face with trauma can be difficult. Most of us have spent our lives trying to avoid just that. However, having the courage to face it head-on is the only way to open the door to the possibility of a healthier, more worthwhile way of life. Best of all, you don’t have to face it alone. Our women-led IOP offers specialized trauma and SUD support for women in a community of caring individuals who walk the walk together every day. Join us.