Women's Treatment Program

For Addiction, Trauma, & Mental Health in Austin

A woman is unstoppable when she realizes she deserves better. Grace & Emerge Recovery is honored to have the opportunity to assist women entering that crucial phase of their lives as they begin to build life-long recovery, through our women’s treatment program and recovery-supportive housing in Austin, Texas.

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Women recovering from trauma, mental health challenges, and substance use disorder have unique and complex needs. Our women-only treatment program was thoughtfully developed with this reality in mind. Far from a one-size-fits-all solution, our holistic continuum of care offers a series of flexible step-downs that allow women to build the skills, confidence, and healthy community needed to thrive in long-term recovery. Explore the three phases of our treatment program below.

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What is a Step-down Treatment Program for Women?

At Grace and Emerge Recovery, we recognize that the path to recovery takes each woman somewhere different. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re going, we’ll walk with you. Our custom-curated six-to-twelve-month step-down program is thoughtfully designed to support women at different stages of their healing journey from addiction, trauma, and mental health challenges. 

We believe that to heal the whole woman, successful recovery treatment must contain four vital components: medical, therapeutic, spiritual, and family. These Four Tenets infuse our three phases to create the most comprehensive outpatient step-down program available nation-wide.

Through a structured three-phase approach – Restore, Refine, and Reclaim – we ensure that every individual receives the care, guidance, and support they need.

Our Three-Phased Approach to Recovery

At Grace and Emerge Recovery TX, we understand that the journey to healing and recovery is multifaceted and deeply personal. To best support each woman's unique path, we've crafted a structured yet flexible three-phased approach: Restore, Refine, and Reclaim. Each phase is meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs and challenges faced at different stages of recovery, ensuring that every individual is met with compassion, expertise, and unwavering support.



The Restore Phase represents the beginning of a transformative journey towards healing and recovery and typically lasts for around 45 to 60 days. Tailored specifically for women, this initial stage ensures a supportive and nurturing environment, laying a robust foundation for the subsequent phases of recovery. 

The Restore Phase is all about beginning anew. By focusing on stabilization, intensive support, and identification of areas for personal growth, we aim to empower women to confidently embark on their healing journey.

Treatment During the Restore Phase



In the Restore phase, our individuals benefit from weekly meetings with our experienced psychiatric team. This ensures a consistent assessment of their emotional and psychological well-being. The staff monitors the taking of prescribed medications, ensuring both safety and adherence. Further enhancing our comprehensive medical support, each individual attends a specialized "Well" women's doctor appointment, where any specific medical needs or concerns are addressed. Finally, we employ appropriate psychiatric and genetic testing to understand individualized requirements better and tailor our approaches accordingly.



Individuals engage in group therapy sessions five days a week, enabling shared experiences and mutual support. The importance of individual attention cannot be overstated; hence, personal therapy sessions with dedicated therapists are integral. Moreover, our individualized program electives offer individuals a chance to delve deeper into specific areas of their recovery. At the same time, the therapeutic living community we foster is central to the healing process, in that it provides an environment conducive to openness, trust, and growth.



Spiritual well-being often forms the core of genuine healing. Daily practices like morning prayer and meditation set a positive tone for the day. Weekly, individuals attend four recovery meetings, ensuring they're aligned with their spiritual goals. We've instituted a wellness activity five times a week, fostering holistic health. The “Family Dinner”, a ritual held five days a week, creates a sense of unity and shared purpose. Our monthly community events, evening wrap-ups, and the mandatory service commitment further amplify this spirit of togetherness. Additionally, the experiential coaching sessions, breathwork, and therapeutic trauma yoga provide invaluable guidance on their spiritual journey.



We believe that family plays a pivotal role in the recovery process. Weekly family therapy sessions are scheduled, but only when deemed clinically appropriate, to maintain the individual's best interests. We also facilitate a weekly family support group via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and continuous engagement. Family will receive weekly updates from the Clinical Director and Case Manager.



Stepping into the Refine Phase at Grace and Emerge Recovery signifies growth, resilience, and the ongoing commitment to personal transformation. This phase, tailored specifically for women, builds upon the foundational insights and skills acquired in the Restore Phase for 60 to 75 days. As the journey of healing progresses, the Refine Phase emphasizes the fine-tuning of skills, fostering greater independence, and harmonizing new responsibilities and commitments.


The Refine Phase is all about personal growth and enrichment and typically lasts 60 to 75 days. Here, the focus shifts from intensive stabilization to honing individual strategies, embracing new challenges, and integrating therapeutic insights into daily life.


Treatment During the Refine Phase


Medical Monitoring

Ensuring continuous physical and mental well-being is paramount. In the Refine Phase, clients have bi-weekly meetings with our dedicated psychiatric team. This allows for the consistent evaluation and refinement of therapeutic strategies. Clients will continue with supervised medication self-administration, taking additional steps towards personal responsibility and autonomy. The "Well" women’s doctor appointment continues in this phase, ensuring that specific medical concerns or general well-being is consistently addressed.


Therapeutic Progress

Individual therapy sessions continue to provide tailored guidance, ensuring that each woman's unique journey is respected and nurtured. This phase also introduces clients to designated mental health primary & dual-diagnosis tracks, ensuring specialized care and focused strategies. Meanwhile, the nurturing atmosphere of our therapeutic living community remains central in this phase. Group therapy sessions are now held three times a week, creating a balance between communal learning and personal introspection.


Spiritual Advancement

Maintaining a robust spiritual connection is vital. Daily morning prayers and meditations set a serene and purposeful tone for the day ahead. Clients attend three recovery meetings every week, reinforcing their spiritual journey and commitments. Wellness activities such as breathwork and trauma yoga are offered three times a week, promoting holistic well-being and self-care. The cherished tradition of the “Family Dinner” continues four times a week, fostering community bonds. Monthly community events, evening wrap-ups, and the integration of work or school commitments signify the practical integration of spiritual growth into everyday life.


Family Engagement

The family's role in the recovery process continues to be emphasized and nurtured. Family therapy sessions, when clinically appropriate, foster understanding and collective growth. Our weekly family support group, accessible via Zoom, offers families a platform to share, learn, and grow together. Weekly updates from the Clinical Director and Case Manager continue.



The Reclaim Phase at Grace and Emerge Recovery is a testament to the strength, resilience, and growth each woman has achieved in her healing journey. As the final and most autonomous phase of our program, Reclaim encourages clients to take the reins of their life, to confidently integrate all they've learned, and to step forward into the world with renewed purpose and passion.

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Reclaim is all about integration, autonomy, and flourishing. This phase typically lasts four to six months and celebrates the culmination of the hard work put into recovery, preparing women to integrate their newfound skills and insights into their daily lives and to truly reclaim their place in the world.

Treatment During the Reclaim Phase


Medical Independence

The journey towards self-reliance takes a significant leap in the Reclaim Phase. Clients have monthly consultations with our esteemed psychiatric team, ensuring that even as they gain independence, expert oversight is never too far away. Emphasizing personal responsibility, clients are entrusted with medication self-administration and management. This autonomy is balanced with weekly pill counts, promoting adherence, trust, and self-awareness.


Therapeutic Integration

The ever-supportive environment of our therapeutic living community continues to be a pillar in this phase. Group therapy is conducted once a week, acknowledging the growing confidence of clients to navigate challenges independently while still valuing communal support. Individual therapy sessions remain a cornerstone, providing a space for personal reflection, strategy adjustments, and celebration of milestones.


Spiritual Flourishing

The spiritual journey, while more individualized in this phase, remains rooted in established practices. Morning prayers and meditations continue to be a serene start to each day. Clients partake in three recovery meetings every week, reaffirming their commitment to spiritual growth. Optional wellness activities such as breathwork and yoga for trauma provide flexibility, allowing each woman to tailor her spiritual and holistic well-being practices according to her needs. The blend of monthly community events, evening wrap-ups, and the commencement of work or school signifies a harmonious integration of spiritual insights into practical daily life.


Family Empowerment

Family, as a pillar of support and understanding, continues to play a significant role. Monthly family support sessions, which can be conducted with or without the client, offer flexibility and address evolving familial needs. This ensures continuous open dialogue, mutual growth, and celebration of shared milestones. The weekly family support group remains accessible via Zoom, fostering a digital community of understanding, shared experiences, and mutual encouragement.

The Reclaim Phase is a celebration of autonomy, resilience, and the beauty of new beginnings. We stand in awe of each woman's journey and remain steadfast in our commitment to support, celebrate, and honor her path. It's not just about recovery; it's about reclaiming life, passion, and purpose. Step into the world with confidence, knowing you're ready to reclaim all that's yours. 


Find the Path to Healing

In essence, our three-phased approach at Grace and Emerge Recovery is a testament to our commitment to walk hand-in-hand with every woman, celebrating each milestone, overcoming challenges, and ensuring a holistic recovery experience. By progressing through Restore, Refine, and Reclaim, we aim to provide more than just a path to recovery; we offer a journey to rediscovering strength, purpose, and joy. Embrace the journey, and let's walk this path together.