Women's Supportive Housing

For Trauma, Mental Health, & Addiction in Austin

At Grace and Emerge Recovery, we often say that a woman is unstoppable once she decides she deserves better. Far too often, though, that’s not a realization that she can come to on her own. Being surrounded by a community of caring, supportive sisters in recovery can be the missing link to help a woman who is struggling with mental or behavioral health challenges to envision a better life for herself. Our recovery-supportive housing community is the perfect place for that transformation to begin.

Womens Sober Living


Recovery-Supportive Housing & Sober Living in Austin

Grace & Emerge offers recovery-supportive homes (also known as sober living) centrally located in Austin, Texas, with easy access to Capital Metro public transportation, many employment opportunities, local and state universities, major highways, grocery stores, movie theaters, fitness facilities, and 12-step meetings. Each home is managed by either one or two in-house managers, and the number of clients in each house is typically small, to allow for more in-depth care and support. 

At the same time, our intimate communities develop their own distinctive culture, geared toward creating environments that best suit the needs of our diverse members. Staff members dedicate time to truly getting to know each potential new client, so we can place them in a home that best suits their current stage of life. This allows us to ensure our homes remain conducive to healing and cultivating self-love, resilience, accountability, and fellowship with other women. Tour our homes below.

Grace House 1A

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Grace House 1B

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Grace House 4

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What Happens in Sober Living?

What Happens in Sober Living?

The transitional living options at Grace & Emerge Recovery are designed to treat each person holistically in body, mind, and spirit. We base our recovery principles on empowerment, resilience, service, and community as our community members learn what it means to cultivate self-love and compassion for themselves and others.

While living at a Grace house, residents will work with a case manager and experiential recovery coach to develop short-term and long-term goals, build basic life skills, and address areas for growth in every aspect of life. Each woman’s journey to wellness is different, based on their individual needs and life goals. Incidentally, the experiences and lengths of stay for our members can fluctuate. The minimum amount of time clients are expected to stay at one of our homes is three months.

Build Your Own Recovery

Every member of our community is responsible for taking ownership of her own transformative process. We designed our program to be highly immersive and involved, but we urge our women to take initiative in their aftercare and recovery, pursuing a future built on self-respect, self-sufficiency, self-growth, and independence of spirit. Our women are fully immersed in a community of like-minded individuals seeking a new way of life and it’s up to them to participate.

For that reason, the members of our community are held to an elevated standard that prepares them to meet the challenges that lie ahead. These standards are built on what we know is essential in building long-term recovery.

Sober Living House Rules

Rules of each House are to be observed by all members and their guests in order to protect our community and sustain our culture.


Be dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all human beings.


Maintain an alcohol- and illicit drug-free environment.


Maintain quality cleanliness of living environment and personal space.


Demonstrate behaviors and engage in activities that benefit not only the other members, but neighbors and community.


Submit to random drug testing at the request of the house manager or any agent of Grace & Emerge Recovery.


Abstain from physical violence or threats of violence, which will not be tolerated.


Abstain from romantic or sexually involved relationships with other members or anyone the recovery community home is assisting.


Avoid involvement in other guests’ financial affairs. This includes borrowing or lending money, buying or selling property, or other financial transactions. Community members may not borrow other members’ vehicles.


Respect the privacy and personal rights of all other guests.


Ensure that no weapons are brought into the recovery community, home, or property.


Attend 12–step meetings weekly, Recovery Coaching meeting weekly, weekly (Sunday) house meeting and Big Book study; obtain and work with a 12–step sponsor, and remain engaged in an active 12–step program of recovery. Fulfill service and H&I requirements.


Complete assigned chores as applicable.


Accept curfew policy of your individual home.


Abstain from engaging in sexual activities for money. Solicitation, prostitution, escorting, or OnlyFans activity are never acceptable for a community member and are grounds for immediate termination of membership.


Abide by all Grace Recovery TX Community code of ethics, rules, and expectations.

Recovery-Supportive Housing vs. Sober Living

Recovery-Supportive Housing vs. Sober Living

If our comprehensive women’s treatment program plants the seed of recovery, then our recovery-supportive housing (also known as sober living) is where that seed can blossom. We provide guidance and support, enhanced skill-building, and connections to vital resources necessary to build a self–sufficient, prosperous, and meaningful life — all of which aid women in attaining total balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Grace & Emerge is dedicated to providing women a safe, supportive, drug and alcohol-free environment so they may build a life of sustained recovery from any kind of mental health or behavioral health challenge. The framework of our program is built on the principles of recovery and the core values of empowerment, resilience, service, and community. Joining our community means joining a family of women who believe in compassion, love, honesty, and accountability. Our women build unbreakable bonds in a community that supports growth, self-discovery, and timeless friendship. Designed for women in recovery, by women in recovery. Our homes are safe, caring spaces that allow women to embrace their new lives. Give us a call today if you or a loved one is looking for a women’s-only transitional living home.

Who Needs Transitional Living?

We believe in the power of transitional living as a tool for long-term recovery, and especially in the early recovery process. In a transitional living setting, clients can find support from peers as they learn to build a life in long-term recovery. Our sober living homes offer women guidance and support from their fellow community members as they progress through each stage of their recovery journey.


Benefits of Community Living in Early Recovery

When it comes to trauma, substance use disorder (SUD), and co-occurring mental health conditions, the possibility of a relapse is tragically common. Research has found that when those seeking recovery engage in living situations led by peers with shared experiences and similar goals, the chances of achieving long-term recovery increase. With common experiences and goals, women can utilize a shared living community to find fellowship, and guide and support each other. 

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Grace Recovery TX utilizes the eight dimensions of wellness, as described by SAMHSA, to support each client in building a balanced and fulfilling life in long-term recovery. The values, habits, and basic life skills that go along with the dimensions include:


  • Build short and long-term goals
  • Learn to manage resources
  • Awareness of differing financial values, needs, and circumstances


  • Learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Find fulfillment in contributing to a community


  • Engage in self-care activities that support wellness of the body


  • Remain curious
  • Expand knowledge and skills
  • Share knowledge with others


  • Learn to understand and appreciate feelings and emotions
  • Value other people’s feelings
  • Build skills to manage emotions constructively
  • Find happiness and meaning in daily life


  • Find purpose and meaning in life
  • Discover joy in activities that support personal beliefs and values


  • Understand how ecological and sociocultural surroundings impact oneself
  • Commitment to the health of ones environment


  • Find work that brings joy and fulfillment
  • Set goals that support long-term satisfaction with work and employment
  • Find reward in contributing skills to help others

Dedication to these foundations of personal wellness can greatly assist individuals in transition and seeking long-term recovery.


Find Your Home

We’re ready when you are. Call our team of women in recovery to learn more about starting your journey to a better life.