November 04, 2018 By Leah Malone



Dear Self,

I am going to take things slow and breathe deeply.

I am going to love on you just like I’d love my bestie.

I am going to open my heart to you and listen from there.

I am going to let go of any shame or blame. It’s covering up what I need to learn.

In uncovering, I discover parts of me I had never known.

So much to learn, to connect with and understand under this veil.

Some parts need to be seen, some need to be heard and some need healing.

I welcome all of you- the broken, the chipped and the healed.

I celebrate you, whole, as a woman, experiencing her life.

As I love you, I get to know you.

As I get to know you, I realign and rebuild.

I will not be unkind and unfair. I will support you.

I will take deep, full breaths and get into my body and away from the chatter of my ego mind.

I can slow down now to speed up later.

This is my time to just BE with you.

You’re My Favorite!

Love, ME

I Choose Bold


About Author

Leah Malone

Learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings can be painful and disturbing at times. When Leah was able to see her behavior patterns and decided there was enough pain to be disturbed, she became motivated to make changes and accept the work that needed to be done to heal. She needed direction and had no clue how to heal on her own. Through a connection with God, authentic connection with others, honesty, willingness, and humility, Leah is now in recovery from addiction and trauma.

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