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Living an Anger-Free Life: A Road to Anger Management


Everyone feels angry from time to time. It is natural to get upset when things don’t go the way you expected. Experiencing unwanted intense anger regularly is often a sign that anger management may be needed. There are a number of psychological disorders associated with anger. Anger management programs are essential when you struggle with any moderate to severe anger disorder. 

What Anger Management Looks Like

The purpose of anger management is simple. As stated in its title, the goal is to learn how to manage and control your anger. While you cannot get rid of or avoid the situations or people that may spur on your anger, you can control your reactions to them. People at work, for example, are out of your control. You can, however, control how you react toward those people. In anger management, you learn various techniques and thought processes to help you manage your anger. These programs can either be done individually or in groups and are usually cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Individual Therapy 

CBT is you and your therapist in a 1-on-1 setting. Your anger management therapist will help you work through your anger over the course of the program. Depending on your needs, this program may be a one-time occurrence, or it may last a few months. Whatever is best for you, your therapist will be there every step of the way. Throughout your anger management program, you will learn a variety of techniques. Among these are:

  • Think first: Before speaking, it’s important to process your words and thoughts before saying them aloud. In your anger, it is easy to say something you may regret later. Always think first and speak second. 
  • Communicate: It is important to express yourself after you have achieved a calm state of mind. If you have gotten angry towards someone else, communicate with them after you have calmed down. Let them know how you feel and what upsets you. Talk it out. 
  • Calming breaths: This step is imperative in achieving calmness in yourself. Your therapist will walk you through a number of breathing exercises that will aid you greatly on your road to anger management.
  • Laughter: Your therapist might suggest redirecting your anger energy as humor. Find the funny in the situations that would ordinarily make you angry. Try creating humor when you cannot find it. 
  • Problem solve: When talking with your therapist, you will recap many scenarios that sparked the fire for your anger. Doing this exercise will help you to identify each cause of anger. You can then practice finding solutions to those problems. This step will teach you how to problem-solve as you go. 

Group Therapy

In cognitive-behavioral group therapy, you work with a group of other individuals that also struggle with anger management. There are generally multiple therapists present working with everyone. This type of therapy is extremely beneficial in the learning process. You have the opportunity to hear many different perspectives as well as many coping techniques from people just like you. The process listed above is the same for this type of therapy, but this form of group therapy offers a very different experience.

  • Camaraderie: Interacting with other individuals who experience the same struggles as you are a key element of group therapy. You will create bonds and learn from each other‘s ups and downs. 
  • Accountability: Knowing you are held accountable in your group can help keep you on track. Additionally, having others to lean on can be very beneficial to your anger management. Everyone falls sometimes. It’s good to know there’s a group to help you get back up.
  • Sounding board: When in group therapy, you have the benefit of voicing your struggles out loud to many people at once, free of judgment. You are also able to learn from other people’s struggles and what they do to problem-solve. In doing so, you can problem-solve in multiple ways to find what works best for you. 
  • Perspectives: Similarly to the sounding board, you have the benefit of hearing everyone’s perspective in your anger management group. This is essential in broadening your awareness of your own reactions to the things that trigger you.

Regardless of the form of CBT you choose, you stand to gain a plethora of benefits. These are the tools that will aid you in your anger management journey. A journey to a life free of anger. 

When to Ask for Help in Anger Management

If your anger harms you or those around you, then it is time to seek help in an anger management program. Don’t let your anger be a burden that you carry. When your anger becomes an emotion that you can’t control, it can take a serious toll on your body and ruin relationships with the people you interact with. Seeking help is the best thing you can do for your health and your future happiness. Don’t wait; put yourself first. 

Anger management doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Here at Grace Recovery TX, we want to take this journey with you. It is our mission to help you achieve a happy, stress-free life, and we will be by your side every step of the way. Let us take the burden of anger from you so that you can get back to enjoying every day, the way it should be. Admitting the need for help isn’t an easy task, and we encourage you to be proud of yourself for taking this step to better yourself and your future. Let us help you find peace and adjust to a healthier lifestyle. Call us today at (737) 237-9663

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Learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings can be painful and disturbing at times. When Leah was able to see her behavior patterns and decided there was enough pain to be disturbed, she became motivated to make changes and accept the work that needed to be done to heal. She needed direction and had no clue how to heal on her own. Through a connection with God, authentic connection with others, honesty, willingness, and humility, Leah is now in recovery from addiction and trauma.

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